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All about Fast Braces, Invisalign, and Six Month Smiles


We’ve come a long way from the braces that dentists used to fit to your parents! Nowadays, there are many advanced systems to align your teeth. At Brooklyn Court, we’ve chosen the three best systems which between them cover all the points that will be important to you:

Performance — Speed — Price

We use three different systems – and what is right for you will be discussed as part of your consultations with Moiz.

Advanced Orthodontics

People with uneven teeth often feel that the only way to get a perfect smile is to remove teeth and put in implants.

In many cases using advanced Orthodontics we can actually re-align your existing teeth as part of a total restorative programme, thereby saving your teeth – and saving you money.

No wonder so many of our patients are smiling!

My free gift to you

I’d like to give you a complimentary e-book copy of my latest book: ‘Smile with Confidence.’ It’s yours completely free when you a book a consultation for advanced reconstructive or cosmetic dental work. Packed with case-studies and information about all the latest dental treatments it’s a great resource for patients looking for honest, straightforward information and advice.

Marie Riley

I’ve always been absolutely terrified of the dentist … Moiz put me right at ease from the very first minute”
Treatments: Bridges and crowns

Margaret Warburton

“I’m always tense when I go to the dentist but it doesn’t hurt and Moiz is very gentle. I can’t complain at all.”

Mark Osbourne

“My 7 month course of treatment has been life-changing – for the better. It’s been a good experience for me. Long may it continue!”

Treatments: All on 4 implant, retained upper bridge